WSL stands short for “Windows Subsystem for Linux”. It allows you to run a Linux environment directly on Windows, where you can use all command-line tools you know from Linux. In this step-by-step guide, I want to show you how you can set up a Linux environment on Windows 10.

Since mid-2020, the new WSL version 2 is available, which represents a fundamental revision of the underlying architecture and enables better performance and speed.

Table of Contents

  1. Enable WSL
  2. Check if virtualization is enabled
  3. Enable Virtual Machine feature
  4. Restart machine
  5. Download the Linux kernel update package
  6. Set WSL 2 as default version
  7. Install…

Streams and observables are often used interchangeably, but some say there is a difference between them. So what is it all about?

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While I was researching observables on the net, I came across the term “stream” quite often and I wondered if observables and streams were simply two different words for the same thing or if there was a difference.

While trying to find an answer, I read a lot about “pull-based”, “push-based” and “Reactive Programming”. But all this confused me more than it enlightened me. Some said that Streams and Observables are completely different. Others use the words interchangeably…

Deploying a NestJS App With Heroku
Deploying a NestJS App With Heroku

Deploying a NestJS application with Heroku is an easy possibility to host your application. This tutorial is a step-by-step guide for deploying small (side) projects by using GitHub and the Heroku web app (without the CLI). I deployed my Animal Crossing GraphQL application this way.


I assume that you already have:

  • npm installed
  • Node.js installed (version greater than 8)
  • a locally working NestJS application with a package.json
  • a Heroku account
  • a GitHub account

1. Add/Modify your .gitignore

If you don’t already have a .gitignore file, create one in the root folder of your project and add the following lines:


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